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Why Choose US?

Skip tracing (as it is sometimes known) is one part art and the other part science. Utilising years of investigation experience we find people using:

  • Extensive internal databases
  • Through research of external data
  • Research through public
  • Confidential contacts and information

About Find People Australia

Our clients use us to find people for a variety of reasons.
These can include:

  • debt collection
  • clients that have gone missing
  • estate matters
  • the serving of legal process
  • family and friends that have lost contact

Whatever the reason you need to find people, you can be confident you are using the most experienced, tenacious, and cost effective investigators in Australia.

We are founded on a simple policy that If we can’t do it- no one can. We understand that for some clients, finding the right person can mean the difference between winning or losing.

We find people for a range of clients, including:

Debt collectors

We find people whether they have gone missing by accident, or by design

Process servers

Has your legal process stalled because the target can’t be found?

Lawyers and law firms

Missing a client, can’t find a witness, or trying to find a respondent we assist practitioners in all fields of law.

Family members

trying to find that lost family member? Need to find people left money in a will?